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Russian public organization “Russian Sleddog Sport Federation” was founded on January 28th , 2014.
Current President of the RSSF  - Victor Boyarskiy (honorary polar explorer, well-known traveler with sleddogs). List of COUNCIL MEMBERS 
RSSF unites 51 regions (out of 85 region in Russia in total), that are represented by either Federations (legal entities recognized by the regional Ministry of justice) or Departments (Organizations without legal entity). FULL LIST OF MEMBERS 
Main goals of the RSSF are:
-    Receiving the official state recognition (Accreditation) by the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation, that will grant the right to hold national Championships and form the official national team of Russia
-    Unification of the clubs, centers and sleddog sport organizations by a single development program
-    Education of judges and coaches
-    Improvement of race organization skills
-    Cooperation with IFSS (receiving the membership) and other international sleddog sport organizations


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